Friday, 27 July 2012

Balloons Everywhere

Hi this card was made by Kienan for his dad's birthday.

I made this card especially for my dad and I did it all by myself. I took the same sort of design as in one of the Clarity DVDs. I cut out a large and small ballon design and then placed the template over some nina card. I then used my brayer and used the Big and Juicy Mountain Meadow ink pad to create the balloons. I then drew the strings on. I continued to used the template to stamp throw onto the balloons. Over all I am really proud of it even though I have probably done better before. For the corners I used one of the clarity stamps as you might be abel to see. The others I have used from some of the stamps my mum has in her box. He really liked it and so did I.

hope to hear from you really soon. K


Hi this card was made by Aaron for his dad's birthday.

I made this for his 39th birthday. I am very proud of what I have done. I think that this is my best card I have done so far. I used a bike stamp from our stash and we put on the Clarity DVD for me to follow. I really enjoyed doing  the reflection pattern, I had some help from my mum doing the reflection but other than that I did it myself. I then used my mums brayer to do the water and did the grass and bushes with a cotton wool ball. My Dad really liked it a lot.

Hope you come back soon. A